How it works

Whenever you'd like to add a little happiness to someone's day, give them a taco! Just mention their username, write a glowing message, and include a taco emoji. It's fun, easy, and rewarding!


emma 9:31 AM
Thanks @colin for having close attention to detail and going the extra mile! taco emoji
von 9:32 AM
@emma taco emojitaco emoji for making the awesomest mission design view ever!
colin 9:34 AM
@von taco emoji for taking this project and running with it, even if it feels like you’re running in place.

Multi-person examples:

charlie 9:45 AM
@emma and @colin I really appreciate your positivity, it's spreading! taco emoji
emma 9:49 AM
taco emojitaco emoji for @von and @charlie for helping make the office a better place.
von 9:56 AM
@colin, @lucy, @emma, @suzy, and @lucas thank you all for your outstanding work on the project! taco emoji.

Why HeyTaco?

HeyTaco helps build stronger culture by inspiring positive communication and bringing people together through social recognition.

  1. Everyone has five tacos to give out per day. Give tacos to show gratitude and recognize everything from small wins to huge accomplishments.
  2. Track tacos in channels where you've added HeyTaco.
  3. People can then use their accrued tacos to redeem exciting custom rewards you've created.

Key Benefits

  • Promotes positive communication
  • Builds camaraderie
  • Encourages people to show gratitude
  • Cultivates a culture of appreciation
  • Brings company values to life
  • Increases employee morale
  • Drives higher engagement
  • Helps remote teams connect

Learn more from on-demand demo videos

Get advice on how to get the most out of HeyTaco by leveraging leaderboards and tags and get ideas for creating meaningful rewards your team will love.

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Magic Commands

These are some fun commands to try:

  • @heytaco favorite song
  • @heytaco what time is it?
  • @heytaco dance
  • @heytaco tell a joke
  • @heytaco hotsauce

Adding HeyTaco to other Slack channels

HeyTaco only works in channels he's been invited to. Go to the channel you'd like to add him to and type:

/invite @heytaco

Slack Utility Commands

These commands work by direct messaging HeyTaco:

  • settings: dm off Turns direct messages off for yourself.
  • settings: dm on Turns direct messages on for yourself.
  • leaderboard Shows top 10 with a link to see all.
  • tacos Shows how many tacos you have left to give.
  • help Explains how to give tacos and more.
  • leaderboard Shows top 10 with a link to see all.