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Learn how HeyTaco drives engagement and helps build stronger, happier teams. Get advice on how to get the most out of HeyTaco by leveraging leaderboards, tags, and get ideas for creating meaningful rewards your team will love.

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Demo Transcript

In admin, you can click on billing to manage your plans or start a subscription. I'm going to click on billing. It'll take me to the HeyTaco website. Make sure you're signed in to the right teams account and then go to the next step.

Here's where you'll decide what type of plan you want to pay with organizational or team. Organization plan allows you to pay for all the people in the organization. So my organization has nine people, so it would allow me to pay for all of them or I can pay by specifically a team. So I can go into a team, go to the New York office, which only has four out of the nine people. So I can only pay for these four people. I press continue, add in the billing information, and then subsequently the payment information. And allows me to finish and have my subscription here. This is also the area where I can come manage my subscription.