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Learn how HeyTaco drives engagement and helps build stronger, happier teams. Get advice on how to get the most out of HeyTaco by leveraging leaderboards, tags, and get ideas for creating meaningful rewards your team will love.

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Demo Transcript

Getting started with HeyTaco is really easy, let me show you how.

On the website press get started. Select the platform you want to add HeyTaco to. Add it to Microsoft Teams.

On this page, press get it now.

Here you'll be asked for some permissions. Just ensure you're signing to the correct team space you want to add HeyTaco to. Click continue.

I'll show you this on the web app but it works the same way on the desktop app. Click use web app.

Here, click add to a team. You can add HeyTaco to one team channel, multiple channels, one team or multiple teams as well.

For larger teams, our recommendation is to add it to a destination channel. Like our New York office has a larger team, so I create a destination channel called praises. This is a channel where people will go to recognize each other. It's a great way to break down recognition silos. It also creates opportunities for people to see each other get recognized that they might not work with on a daily basis, or might not know.

And for smaller teams, our recommendation is having HeyTaco in the channels where conversations are happening. So I'm going to add HeyTaco to the channel by pressing setup.

And we're in the channel. And HeyTaco is right there. Press. I'll add it to the channel.

And there's a welcome message right there. Telling you how to use HeyTaco. Now let's go meet and learn more about how to use HeyTaco.