Build stronger, happier remote teams

Too often we get caught up in our work and forget to recognize each other, have a little fun, and celebrate. HeyTaco is the answer.
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More than 5000 happy teams from small businesses and Fortune 500 companies use HeyTaco

Invigorate your team with acts of kindness

HeyTaco sparks conversations and builds stronger relationships with its fun and unique kindness currency...tacos!

emma 9:31 AM
Thanks @colin for having close attention to detail and going the extra mile! taco emoji
von 9:32 AM
@emma taco emoji taco emoji for making the awesomest mission design view ever!
colin 9:34 AM
@von taco emoji for taking this project and running with it, even if it feels like you’re running in place.

How it works

  1. Step 1. Add HeyTaco to Slack (what is Slack?)
  2. Step 2. Include taco emojis taco emoji example in your messages to show praise, appreciation, or to just simply put a smile on someone's face.
  3. Step 3. Watch your team come closer together.
Activity Leaderboard

Discover the greatness of your team

Activity feeds reveal all the great things happening on your team.


Activate leaderboards for some friendly competition and see who's giving and receiving the most tacos.

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Create special moments by giving fun gifts

For truly special occasions give someone one of your unlocked gifts to let them know you really care. You'll unlock virtual gifts as you hit new achievements.

@von received Jalapeño Sauce from @charlie in #engineering 1:04 PM
Thank you for always stepping up and taking charge of the situation, keeping order in our meetings, and knowing the answers to my silly questions! You always bring the party with you everywhere you go, but everyone knows when to take you seriously, just like this bottle of Jalapeno Sauce. Jalapeño Sauce
@emma received a Super Taco from @colin in #general 11:26 AM
I just wanted to give Emma a Super Taco for all her hard work she's put in with all the trainings. It seriously blows me away at how great these trainings are, and I'm grateful for her countless hours she's put in to make the trainings as great as they are today. Super Taco

Celebrate with rewards

Celebrating as a team or individual is a healthy and fun activity we often forget to do. Now your team will celebrate more when they redeem their tacos for your custom rewards. Remote-friendly reward ideas

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Bring company values to life

Make giving tacos matter more by tagging them with company values, initiatives, or anything else you can think of. Learn more

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