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No credit card required, or complicated tiered plans. And if you're not happy you can cancel at anytime.


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Plan Types

Pay for only the people on your team or people you've selected. It makes purchasing HeyTaco faster, easier, and more affordable.


Anyone can use HeyTaco in your workspace. People are automatically added to your subscription when they give or receive their first taco.


Contact us for a custom pricing plan. Contact

Contact us for special enterprise, not-for-profit, teacher, and student pricing.

Pricing Questions

What happens when the trial is over? Will I be charged?
After your trial ends you won't be charged because we don't require a credit card to try HeyTaco. You'll receive a few messages during your trial prompting you to upgrade. If you don't upgrade and your trial expires, people will receive a response from HeyTaco when they give a taco letting them know the trial is over.
What if we need more than 30 days to try out HeyTaco?
We're more than happy to extend a trial if you need more time. Simply contact us, and we'll make it happen.
I think I qualify for a discounted plan, how do I get it?
There will be an option to apply for a discounted plan after you've started your trial. You'll qualify if you're a student or teacher.
How do I get a discount for a not-for-profit?
There will be an option to apply for a discounted plan after you start your trial. We have a few fixed monthly rates we charge non-profits based on team size. We're very flexible on finding a rate that works for you.
How do you calculate the number of people on my team I have to pay for? Do I have to pay for everyone on my Slack team?
Whenever someone gives or receives their first taco we add them to your account. So you don't pay for anyone on your team who hasn't used HeyTaco.
We have one Slack for our whole company and would like to pay for just our team to use HeyTaco. Is there a way to pay for just our team and not everyone on our Slack?
Contact us now or during your free trial and we'll create a plan that works for your team.