Frequently Asked Questions

Here are questions we often get asked. Also, be sure to check out our How it works page. Contact us if you have any questions.

What's the best way to introduce HeyTaco! to our team?

The best way to start using HeyTaco! is for a few people to start giving tacos. When someone receives a taco, HeyTaco! will message them to let them know who he is and how to give tacos. You can read more about how one of our customers started using HeyTaco! here: IdeaScale and the Golden Taco

Who's our HeyTaco! Admin and how do we create one?

The person that adds HeyTaco! to their Slack team is made the HeyTaco! admin. The admin can add more admins by visiting the people page. If by chance your team doesn't have an admin or the admin can't be found, then let us know by sending a message on our support page.

How do I remove people from HeyTaco!?

HeyTaco! admins can remove people by visiting the people page and clicking the x on the right side.

My HeyTaco! shows as away, how do I bring him back?

If you notice HeyTaco! shows as away and his green dot isn't lit by his username, you'll need to re-add him. If this doesn't work, please let us know by sending a message on our support page.

How do I reset everyone's taco balances to zero?

To reset your team's taco balances your admin will need to log in to the HeyTaco! website and go to your team's settings page. Your admin is usually the person who added HeyTaco! to your Slack team. If you're having a hard time figuring out who it is, please send us a message on our support page.

We have people sending tacos for no reason, what should I do?

If someone isn't following the Principles of the Taco Economy or rules you've set; you can lock their accounts. Locking an account will prevent someone from sending tacos, but they'll still be able to receive tacos. This can be a good way to regulate your taco economy. HeyTaco! admins can lock accounts on the people page.

I can't seem to send a taco, what's wrong?

The first thing to check is that HeyTaco! is in the channel you're trying to send a taco in. In Slack, type /invite @heytaco in the channel to see if he's present. Below are examples of how to give someone a taco:

Really appreciate your positivity, it's spreading 😊. @samantha

@john @cheryl thank you for picking up lunch!

If that doesn't work you're probably out of tacos and can check by direct messaging HeyTaco! the word 'tacos'.

How do I remove HeyTaco!?

If you want to remove HeyTaco! from your Slack team you can do so by visiting your integrations page. If you would like to remove your team's information from the HeyTaco! website, then please send us a message on our support page.