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Learn how HeyTaco drives engagement and helps build stronger, happier teams. Get advice on how to get the most out of HeyTaco by leveraging leaderboards, tags, and pulse surveys, and get ideas for creating meaningful rewards your team will love.

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Demo Transcript

With Pulse, you can send surveys to your team to gain insights around specific topics. I'm going to send a new survey called Test Survey. The default question is a happiness question. However, you can always remove this question. I like knowing if the team is happy. I'm going to leave it for this example. You can ask a text question. You can ask a options question. And you can ask a yes no question.

There are also some popular questions that you can choose from. I'm going to use a few of these for this example and then delete the template ones.

You select recipients by channel. Go to my tacos channel, and now here I can select everyone in the channel, or I can select certain people. Let's select a few of us.

And then review and send survey.

Back in Slack, I've received a notification that I can take the survey. And all responses are anonymous. And click the button to take the survey.

In HeyTaco, I can see that my most recent happiness levels came in, and if I scroll down and click in and view each response as they come in.