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Demo Transcript

The premise of HeyTaco is really simple. Everyone has five tacos to give each day. It's use them or lose them. Tacos do not roll over.

And to give a taco it's really simple. Let me show you how.

Go down to my message box and I'm going to give a taco to Monica and thank her for all her help. I give her a taco, type in the taco emoji. And I could give her one taco here. I can give her two tacos, heck I could give Monica all five of my tacos if i wanted.

But what's really important is that people don't think they need to give all five every day. What we're striving for is genuine recognition, and if people think they need to give all five every day, you almost have to question how authentic some of those tacos are.

The other thing that's really important is this, the message. The message is really what matters. When people are expressing their appreciation for others it can be really impactful. And using tacos makes peer recognition approachable, friendly, and really fun.

I'm going to give this taco to Monica.

Down under my app section you'll see HeyTaco lit up. I've received a notification from HeyTaco saying that Monica got that taco for me and I have three tacos left to give out today.