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Learn how HeyTaco drives engagement and helps build stronger, happier teams. Get advice on how to get the most out of HeyTaco by leveraging leaderboards, tags, and pulse surveys, and get ideas for creating meaningful rewards your team will love.

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Demo Transcript

In the Heyaco admin there are some analytics. You can even download your taco data.

On the people tab, you can see everyone in your subscription, and if you want to make somebody else an admin, well you can do that in the role column here. You can have unlimited admins.

On the redemptions page, anytime someone redeems a reward it will be listed on this page. You can use this page to indicate whether you have fulfilled the reward, or you can cancel out a redemption.

On the settings page, you can change your leaderboard default time frame. My recommendation is weekly or monthly. This levels the playing field and gives everyone a chance to be on the top of the leaderboard each week or month.