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Demo Transcript

The premise of HeyTaco is really simple and intuitive. Everyone has five tacos to give every day. It's use them or lose them as tacos do not roll over. To give a taco is really simple. The welcome message includes the steps as well.

Let me show you how.

Go to the message box. I'm going to give a taco to Monica for her help today with a sales demo. Giving a taco has three parts. The username, a message, and the taco emoji.

You can give a taco to one person, or multiple people in a single message. So, I'm going to add in her username, Monica. I'm going to add in the message... thank you for helping with the sales demo today.

And then I'm going to add in the taco emoji. I can give one taco, two tacos, or even all five of my tacos if I wanted. But what's really important, is that people do not feel that they have to give all five tacos every day. We want genuine recognition. And if people are giving all five tacos every day then you have to start questioning how authentic that giving is as we want honest taco giving that's driven by intrinsic motivation.

The other thing that's really important here is this message. This has a positive impact on your team's culture when these are genuine and timely. And giving recognition is hard, so that's why we have the taco emoji. It makes it approachable, friendly, and really fun.

I'm gonna give this taco to Monica.

There we go. And in my chat I get a message that Monica has received a taco from me and how many tacos I have left to give today.

That's really it. HeyTaco is just a great way to give recognition in a fun, genuine, and playful way.